CBN & diamond grinding wheels

DIAMAC manufactures all types of standard or special purpose grinding wheels.
Wheel performance and the efficiency of the grinding operation are depending on the correct choice and the careful manufacture of the bond, as well as by the quality of the abrasive and grit size. DIAMAC grinding tools are made according to the condition of use with the following bond types:

  • Metal bonds
  • Resin bonds
  • Ceramic bonds
  • Electroplated bonds

Machinable materials
Carbide, Ceramic, Sapphire, Glass, Magnetic materials, Steel, Aluminium, Brass,
Ferrite, Fibre-reinforced materials or Magnetic materials

DIAMAC also manufactures abrasive pencils, bits, straighteners, indenters,
polycrystalline tools, electro-deposit diamond tooling, diamond and CBN lapping